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K. U. L. A. Ukulele was founded June 2020 by Ron & Lawrie Ellamar, owners and operators of Kalaheo Music and Strings. The program is aimed to assist the local families born and raised on Kauai faced with financial challenges. 

K. U. L. A. program provide affordable group ukulele lesson programs, ukulele starter packs and learning materials. 

K. U. L. A. is a local independent program made possible through donations, volunteers and Kalaheo Music and Strings. 

​Call us Kauaian's to schedule a meeting. The person(s) interested in enrolling must be present at the meeting. Complete the K.U.L.A. application form. Approved applicant will be placed in a qualifying level, get fitted for the right size ukulele and placed in the appropriate lesson group.

Congratulations! and Welcome Aboard Your Music Journey!

Each class is 30 min. Minimum 5 students to start any group, maximum 10 students. Due to the COVID 19, Mask are required during lesson.

KULA lesson package. $40.00 (4 Lessons).

Affordable Ukulele Starter Packs, Accessories & Learning Materials.

​Starter Packs: Include carry bag, chromatic tuner, ukulele guide and clean rag.

Soprano Ukulele Starter Pack $80.00 
Concert Ukulele Starter Pack $90.00 
Tenor Ukulele Starter Pack $100.00 

Interested in learning more?
Committed to helping our local families born and raised on Kauai an opportunity to start their Music Journey.